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                                                              Since 1967, Inter-Global has supplied the
                                                              finest quality products for the OEM lighting
                                                              and electrical markets at globally competitive
                                                              prices.  In the years to come, our goal is to
                                                              continue this success by offering innovative
                                                              product design, excellent sourcing, and
                                                              quality assurance engineering.

                                                              Product Development

                                                                 Inter-Global has over 50 years of experience
                                                                 introducing new products and has earned
                                                                 numerous  patents for our innovations.

                                                                 From initial concept to final design, we
                                                                 balance  aesthetics, function and quality with
                                                                 requirements for  reliability, safety & durability.

           Our team of engineers and designers works with customers to transform an idea into a
           finished  and functional product.

           Our company searches for cost-efficient methods
           to manufacture customer products without
           compromising quality.

           Inter-Global can assist customers with re-engineering
           existing  products while taking advantage of
           new technologies.

           Our company works with Energy Star, UL, ETL,
           CSA and CE; we  are well-versed on their most
           current standards and procedures.
         Tooling & Manufactruing Expertise

           From decades of experience, Inter-Global has expertise in the following categories:
           tool building, injection  molding, injection-blow molding, extrusion-blow molding, die cast,
           sand cast, vaccum forming, spinning,  and metal stampings.
                                                  Our in-depth manufacturing experience gives us an
                                                  understanding of  materials and how to utilize them
                                                  in production.
                                                  Brass, aluminum, steel, copper, engineered resins, and glass
                                                  are  examples of the materials within our scope of expertise.
                                                  Inter-Global operates several manufacturing facilities
                                                  worldwide with  each offering its own area of expertise for
                                                  service and efficiency  in production.
                                                  Our goal is to combine our factories’ strengths into a
                                                  finished good   manufactured according to the
                                                  customer’s specifications.

                   For more information contact our sales department at 1-800-325-7364 or visit
                                   Specifications subject to change without notice. Printed in U.S.A. © 2017 Inter-Global Inc.
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