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                                                       Value-Added Packaging & Design

                                                         Inter-Global provides expert packaging and graphic
                                                         design,  essential to successfully differentiating and
                                                         marketing a product.

                                                         Our value-added services extend beyond basic
                                                         labels or  instructions that typically
                                                         accompany products.

                                                         From data sheets and catalog pages to product
                                                         photography,  our in-house creative department
                                                         works with our customers to  develop a
                                                         comprehensive package of sales tools to help
                                                         promote the product.

        Importing Services

           Inter-Global offers customers a complete range of
           importing  services, including freight forwarding,
           tariff classification,  customs filing, and local delivery
           to customer destinations.
           After five decades in the business, we have gained
           the  firsthand knowledge, infrastructure and expertise
           needed to  import containers at competitive prices.

           From production to final delivery, our import
           specialists are  committed to moving goods in a
           cost-efficient and  expedited fashion.

           Our long-range planning and strategic ordering
           ensures  maximum container usage at minimum cost.
           Our containers arrive on a monthly basis, we
           have the  flexibility to schedule shipments in a timely
           manner and  reduce lead-times.

           Our company will guide you through the complex
           process of  importing goods from around the globe.

        Superior Customer Service

        Inter-Global was founded on the belief: “If we don’t take care of our customer, someone else will.”

        This philosophy of performance, dependability
        and uncompromising service will continue to
        drive our company to earn the trust and
        appreciation of customers worldwide.

                   For more information contact our sales department at 1-800-325-7364 or visit
                                   Specifications subject to change without notice. Printed in U.S.A. © 2017 Inter-Global Inc.
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