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                     Available in LED & Incandescent             3 Mounting Options

                     Direct/Indirect Light                       UL Listed for Damp Locations
                     Ceiling Mount Only                          Standard Pack QTY: 6

                                                      MALIBU                                       LED Fixtures

                                                                                                       from Inter-Global
                    SURFACE MOUNT                                             OPTIONAL             from Inter-Global
                                                     FM300                 MOUNTING KITS
                                                                      (sold seperately - assembly required)
                                                       13 3/4"

                                     8 1/2"

                          4 5/8"

                                                                         13 3/4"

                                                       8 1/2"

                                            4 5/8"                   KIT-FM301       KIT-FM302
                                                                     6" / 13" Pendent Kit  36" Max Cable Kit

               EXAMPLE # FM300-LE1200W-NWMP
                STYLE #  LIGHT SOURCE                            BODY      DIFFUSER  OPTIONS
                FM300   EOS LED 120V AC, 50/60 Hz, HPF, 50,000 HRS L70*, AMBIENT  N-Brushed  ACRYLIC   M-Motion Sensor
                        OP TEMP -40˚C TO +40˚C, 5 YEAR WARRANTY, DIMMABLE,   Nickel  W-White  D-6″/13″ Pendent Kit (KIT-FM301)
                        ENERGY STAR                                                 C-36″ Max Cable Kit (KIT-FM302)
                        LE1200 - 14W Power Input   W-1350lm 3000K
                                 CRI 80 (TYP)     C-1400lm 4000K
                                 >80 Lumens Per Watt**
                        LE1800 - 23W Power Input   W-1850lm 3000K
                                 CRI 80 (TYP)     C-1900lm 4000K
                                 >80 Lumens Per Watt**

                        INCANDESCENT, MEDIUM  BASE, 120V         N-Brushed  ACRYLIC   LED LAMP, 3 YEAR WARRANTY
                        I240-2 X 40W Max                         Nickel    W-White  DIMMABLE, ENERGY STAR
                                                                                    LWE-A19/E26, 2700K
                                                                                    LCE-A19/E26, 4000K


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                         Fixtures available with custom packaging options, assembled or knocked down. MOQs apply.

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                                   Specifications subject to change without notice. Printed in U.S.A. © 2017 Inter-Global Inc.
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